Lucror FX 25% deposit bonus

Get a 25% bonus on your deposit today!


● Our new bonus program “25% Deposit Bonus”

● Every time you deposit into your account, you receive an additional 25% bonus!


How it works


Every time a customer funds their live trading account they will receive a cash bonus of 25% of their deposit, up to a maximum of $ 10000 USD. Example: if the deposit is $5000 USD, the customer will receive a cash bonus of 1250 USD (5000 x 25%= 1250 USD)


Terms and conditions


● In order to qualify for the 25 % bonus the deposited amount must be a minimum of $ 100 USD

● The maximum amount that any bonus may equate to is $ 10,000 USD regardless of the amount deposited.

● The amount of the bonus (plus of course any profit from trading activity) may be withdrawn providing that the customer has made a volume of trades, total amount of which is equal the amount of the bonus divided by 2. For example, if the bonus was $100, total volume of trades made by the client must be equal to 50 lots. If the bonus was $500 – the volume of trades must be equal to 250 lots.

● Account with Bonus ,the funds will not be able to transfer to another account

● Any profits from a bonus account may be withdrawn at anytime

● In the event that the equity is less than the amount of the bonus, the bonus will be cancelled.

● If your bonus was not credited at the time of your deposit we ask you to contact us as soon as possible. Bonuses will not be credited more than 2 business days after the deposit to the trading account was made.