TMS Europe: While you trade, we double your profit

Join our time-limited promotion and get twice the profit you make.


What is the Double Your Profit bonus


Get your profits doubled. Deposit new funds and join the offer.


Sign up for the offer on the TMS platform or by contacting our sales team.


Deposit new funds within 14 days.


Reach required level of profit during next 30 days. We will double 100€, 200€ or even 300€ you make.

Both new and existing customers who fulfill the required deposit level can join the Double Your Profit bonus.

  • Available to new clients
  • Available to existing clients who top up account with additional deposit at the required level
  • Automatically credited to your live account after achieving the required profit

Bonus level is assigned based on deposit level and on profit achieved.


Deposit can be made in multiple payments, but your bonus amount is based on the first level of required deposit reached. Example:


Day when deposit is made Example A Example B
day 1 50 € 300 €
day 2 500 € 300 €
Bonus level base 500 - 999 € 250 - 499 €


Your profit is being calculated basing on the account’s equity at the end of each day. Profit is checked at the end of each trading day (0:00 CET) starting from the next day after you reached the required level of deposit.


Only new payments are taken into consideration.


Withdrawals during the offer duration exclude you from getting the bonus.

  • Clients can join the Double Your Profit bonus between October 1st 2016 and December 31st 2017. 

  • Live account must be opened and enabled for trading before or within 14 days from the date of joining the Double Your Profit bonus. 

  • Required deposit must be made within the 14 day period from the date of joining the Double Your Profit bonus (next full 14 days).
  • Multiple deposits made during a single day are treated as a one deposit.
  • Deposit and additional deposits can be made during multiple days.
  • Profit is the positive result on account’s equity including all the closed and open positions, swap points and commissions.
  • Additional awarded bonuses are not calculated into the profit.
  • Profit must be achieved during 30 days from the date of reaching the level of required deposit.
  • Bonus will be credited to your live account during next 3 business days after the first day you achieved the required profit .
  • Required deposit levels and profit levels are calculated every business (trading) day at 00:00 CET.