Whaleclub: Deposit Bonus

How the Deposit Bonus Works


You may be eligible for a bonus on deposits you make after signing up.


For example, if you're eligible for a 30% bonus, and you deposit 1BTC, you earn a 0.3BTC bonus. If you deposit 100ETH, you earn a 30ETH bonus.


The bonus is gradually added to your balance based on your trading volume until the full bonus amount is exhausted.


Bonus payments are made on trades with negative profit and thus can be considered as a refund (up to 30%) on trades that don't work out as expected. Bonus payments are made on both classic and turbo trading.


Payments are made to your balance in real-time. When a bonus payment is made, you'll see a Cashback notification in the bottom right corner of the web trading platform.


Since the bonus is released based on your trading volume, there is no maximum limit on the amount you can deposit to receive a bonus.


You can withdraw your full deposit and released bonus at any time – there are no holding conditions. You can also withdraw your full deposit at any time without losing your bonus eligibility.