Blue Trading Review (May 14th 2018)

Blue Trading was established by Richard Anderson and his group in 2012. They opened the first full-service retail accounts in early 2016 for private and institutional investors. Richard Anderson realized that there did not exist funds which are offering a truly diversified modern approach with Forex, Commodity and even Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency trading. Blue Trading is a full service managed account trading company.


The Blue Trading team offers you a simple way to your own trading needs with a great Managed Account Platform which enables you to watch your account grow by the possibility to to sign in 24 hours per day. So you can see your account at anytime from around the world via your computer or smartphone, but you do not need to make any trade execution decision on your own.


What are the benefits of a Managed Account with Blue Trading?


The traders of the Blue Trading team have a combined 40 years of experience which is a big advantage in contrast to other services. The team only takes highest probability trades by using refined diagnostic models to define and identify these opportunities on specific trading instruments like Forex pairs, Commodity Futures and Cryptocurrency Spot trades. Furthermore a reasonable risk management is used for your trading account to produce a determined quantitative trade model, according to this enhancing consistency. Your trades are observed 24 hours to guarantee the security of your funds. Some other important points are that your funds are saved to Bank Brokerage Liquidity Provider and the track records are checked by 3rd Party Trading Verification Sites and CPA Firm. The Trading Platform is available 24 Hours daily to check your account by computer or mobile device and you can expect 100% Managed Trading with Blue Trading. An additional benefit is that there are no forthrigh costs at all, so you only have to pay a performance fee on the net profits.


The performance of the award winning managed accounts of Blue Trading has been noteworthy with a proven track record: in 2016 they reached 590% and in 2017 at the end of the year 870%, really amazing results. The average return of a month since the beginning in 2015 has been 19.08%.


In the following you can find frequently asked questions to Blue Trading:


What are the trading fees with Blue Trading?


- The fees are only performance based, so there is no start up fees and you are charged 18% of the net profits of your account gains.


Can I open multiple accounts with Blue Trading?


- Yes, that is possible.


How can I reach the Blue Trading client support?


- The client support is available 24 hours per day by phone or email.


Which Trading Platform is used by Blue Trading?


- Blue Trading works with a in-house platform that is conntected to your trading account with the MirrorTrader platform.


Does Blue Trading work with the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform?


- Unfortunately Blue Trading does not provide MetaTrader 4 platform at the moment.


How do I deposit or withdraw money to Blue Trading account?


- When you have registered yourself with Blue Trading, you can access Deposit and Withdrawal options through your trading platform.


What are the available payment methods?


- You can make deposits or request withdrawals from Blue Trading via Wire Transfer, Credit Cards or Bitcoin.


What is the minimum deposit which is required with Blue Trading?


- The minimum deposit for a standard account is 3.000 EUR.


Do I have to know anything about Forex Trading or have to take trades by myself?


- No, you do not have to make any trading decisions on your own in your account because your account is observed by the professional team of Blue Trading.


What Forex currencies are possible with Blue Trading?


- At the time of the review the base currency for all accounts was EUR.