Full Stack Software Developer



Full-Stack Software Developer


You can code. You can debug.  You can handle pressure.  You care about the user experience and you’re passionate about delivering valuable software to customers.  This is an opportunity for you to be part of a brand new team of like-minded developers faced with the challenge of expanding our new v20 platform to other global markets.


We’re looking for experienced developers who are driven to be the best, both in their craft and in the experience they deliver to customers. You will provide front end focus in a small team with talent ranging across the full trading platform stack. We offer a culture of openness and transparency, operating in an agile environment that encourages continuous learning and moving fast.


Your team:


  • Is challenged with understanding our entire trading stack, how it fits together, and investigating issues no matter where they are

  • Is tasked with taking that stack, customizing and configuring it for new clients, and supporting those clients

  • Will create new features on existing complex systems

  • Will co-ordinate major changes with other dev teams

  • Isn’t afraid to take on any important work that needs to be done

  • Deals with a variety of languages including Java, C++, Perl, objective-c, and Python


You will:


  • Develop on and support custom versions of our trading platforms

  • Focus primarily on: C++, Java, Web technologies

  • Work on an award-winning platform that processes billions of dollars every day

  • Have the opportunity to help establish a new team -- defining its culture and providing guidance on everything from best practices to performance

  • Have real customer facing impact by enhancing the daily trading experience of thousands of customers

  • Contribute innovative ideas to improve our customer experience and our software systems

  • Interact with large partners to help them solve problems and improve their experience with our platform

You will excel because of your:

  • Effective time management, strong communication skills, and ability to thrive under pressure

  • Positive attitude, desire to collaborate, and ability to communicate effectively with others

  • Tenacity to solve problems and find solutions to difficult challenges

  • Thirst for knowledge, hunger to learn, and willingness to take on new challenges

  • Flexibility in responding to shifting priorities

  • Respect for your team and the business, dealing with real people and real money

  • Leadership ability, regardless of your level of experience, to identify areas of need and take action


We value our people:


  • Monday breakfast, Tuesday pizza dinner, and Wednesday lunch

  • Free coffee, cold drinks, and snacks

  • Advance your career through company-sponsored education and training

  • Attend company hosted events with speakers in our industry

  • Participate in quarterly hack-a-thons where you’re given two weekdays to hack


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