Forex Money Management Videos

The base of any successful Forex trading strategy is the money management and here you will find some elements which the pro traders use to protect the equity and build a platform for gains. When you have a look at any successful football team they are built on a good defense, the team knows when they do not let the opposing team score, their offence will get the opportunities to win the game and it is the same in Forex trading.

Another very important part for Forex trading is the lot size. It is surprising that some of the courses and books which we read did not mention this at all.

You should always follow an own Forex trading plan because it will save you from uncertainty, confusion and the need to depend on your untrustworthy emotions if you meet inevitable moments of doubt, if the market does the 'unexpected' or simply if it is time to open or close a trade.

Here you can find a trading plan template which you can use for your own trading. You should always have a trading plan that is basically a written document with exact rules and aims that sets out how you plan to trade the markets. After you have written your own trading plan the aim will be to follow it!