Wavy Tunnel Forex Strategy

Wavy Tunnel Forex Strategy - Indicators/Template/Pdf's Download: Wavy Tunnel Forex Strategy


In the Wavy Tunnel Forex Strategy we descrive these cycles and call them waves. You will learn about sub-waves, too. You can learn how to find the End of the Trend and what a Trend, Correction and Reversal Pattern means in the context of the big picture. Finally we bring it all together and introduce a powerful trading strategy that addresses all market cycles.


  • Understand the background behind the Wavy Tunnel.
  • Look at the Market Cycles to see how the Wavy Tunnel Tracks the Cycles and Waves.
  • Get a broad overview of all the Wavy Tunnel Methods and how they apply to each Market Cycle.
  • Begin picturing yourself Riding the Waves and Cashing in on Profits using the Wavy Tunnel.

Technical Analysis Training


In technical analysis training courses you can learn how to identify trends and sideways markets.
Each cycle requires a different strategy and mindset.
Once the cycle is identified, the trader learns which strategies to use to trade each cycle.
The analysis tools learned are combined to create high probability trading strategies.
But without Elliott Wave Analysis you do not have the complete picture yet!

The Japanese have used candlesticks as a charting and analysis technique for centuries. Candlesticks often help to pick tops and bottoms and are most powerful when they confirm a western indicator. Candlestick patterns are psychological imprints of what traders are thinking at any given time. There are approximately 40 reversal candle patterns which vary from single candlesticks to groupings of up to five candlesticks.